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Pink Applesauce

When I was little I used to go to my grandmother’s house after school every day. She had two great apple trees that she refused to spray or use any type of insecticide on, and as a result the apples were always a rather sorry affair – ridden with worm-holes and other blemishes. They were generally inedible and certainly not something you would want to bite into. While most people would have given them to the deer or composted them – she preferred instead to simply collect the apples, cut out the bad bits, and process the rest for applesauce. At the time, I took it for granted, basking in her sunny kitchen and happily swirling the applesauce into her homemade yogurt while adding as much sugar as she would allow.

I was very close to my grandmother and when she passed away last year I could not stomach the thought of someone cutting down her old apple trees. So I bought her house. It was the worst possible reason to by a house – my first house – but somehow it has all worked out. We gutted the inside to make the kitchen I wanted – and the trees, plants and garden remain on the outside as a testament to her. Now that I have a son, he will be able to sit in that corner of the kitchen where the sun filters in from two sides at once, and eat the same applesauce that his great-grandmother made me as a child. It works.

Make sure that you wash any apples that could have been sprayed with pesticides or better yet get organic apples (or grow your own).

Mom-0-Meter = 4.5

Super easy to make and delicious. If you don’t have a food press – you will have to core the apples first and then put them in a blender/food processor for a minute before straining the results. Less fun but just as effective.


12 apples (or however many you want to use)

1/2 lemon

1/2 cup water

I simply cut the apples into quarters, cooked them in a large saucepan with around 1/2 a cup water for about 40 minutes, and then put them through a food press (see picture below). I squirted a little bit of lemon in there as well as it cooked but you do not have to. Some people also add sugar and cinnamon but I like the flavour of the apples too much.

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