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Cookbook Club – Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie – February 2011

Well this comes a little late but not because we didn’t love the book only because these babies are keeping us on our toes and they seem to love getting at the computers leaving the mommies without a chance to sit and write. With this meeting of the Cookbook Club we had a feast!

Michael joined us for the first time and started us off with a first course of gnocchi. It was definitely one of the stars of the night! We would suggest making it over and over as it is easy and delicious. The gnocchi was so light and fluffy and the potato flavour was so delicate, some of the best gnocchi we have ever had. Michael could not find gorgonzola cheese so instead he made a gouda and fresh basil sauce, everyone was licking their plates!

For the main dinner we had Mad Moroccan lamb, Honeycomb cannelloni, Indian-style broccoli with spiced yogurt, and Creamy butternut squash. The lamb was yummy but ended up being way too much work to make again, Claudette was working on it for quite some time as there are so many different steps. The cannelloni was a hit, you can read about it here. The broccoli was delicious and was a great new way to enjoy your green veggies, would be a wonderful addition to any Indian dinner. The butternut squash was great but in following the recipe the cream ended up curdling with the wine shortly after assembling. The main dinner was quite good but we could have fed at least twice as many people as were there. We all enjoyed the leftovers for a couple days!

For dessert we had ‘a rather pleasing carrot cake with lime mascarpone icing’ unfortunately we did not find it pleasing. It was cooked for less time than was suggested and it still ended up being dry, not what you want out of a carrot cake.

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  1. May 4, 2011 at 7:49 am

    Everything was so good that day!!!!

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