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Cookbook Club – Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Cookbook – March 2011

So… as some of you know we are gearing up for the Farmers Market season, trying out new recipes and perfecting old ones so that we can sell tasty food at the markets when they open at the end of May. Luckily, we chose a great cookbook for the March cookbook club.

We decided to do the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook because she does a lot of catering and sells the type of food that we are hoping to sell this spring. Overall, we loved the book and everyone enjoyed the simplicity of the recipes in comparison to the previous months picks. Though there is a warning that some of the recipes make quite a large amount (the brownies especially could have fed an army).

The Menu

Jeremy – Rosemary White Bean Soup

This was gobbled up before a photo could be taken!

Maressa – Grilled Lemon Chicken with Satay Dip

Susan – Roasted Fennel with Parmesan

Emma – Szechuan Noodles

Justin – Coconut Cupcakes

Claudette – Outrageous Brownies

So, in general people really liked this cookbook. The bean soup was simple and the babies loved it! The chicken satay would be wonderful for a party or shower, it was a great idea to cook the chicken in whole breasts and to slice and skewer it afterward, so much better than doing it with slippery raw chicken and this ensured that the chicken remained moist. The noodles were tasty but the we thought the dressing was a bit thick. Everyone loved the roasted fennel and its simplicity really allowed the vegetable to shine. The cupcakes were fabulous!!! We baked the brownies with the supermarket brand of chocolate and I think that came though, they were not “outrageous” but maybe if you used a higher quality of chocolate they would be. All in all we loved the evening of food, friends and laughter.

Again if you are in the area and interested in joining the Cookbook Club please let us know, we are meeting this weekend, either Sunday or Monday.

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