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Slow Roasted Tomatoes

There are few things you can find in a salad that I detest more than winter tomatoes. At least in this part of the world, so many of them are grainy, pale coloured and tasteless. Every now and then there are  exceptions – but upon entering the veggie section of the supermarket in winter I tentatively approach the tomatoes, skeptically looking over the various lifeless varieties before fearfully picking one up to see if it smells, even remotely, like a tomato. Usually, it smells like nothing at all, like cardboard, or worse – the truly foul smell of a winter tomato starting to go sour.

Since Caprese salad time is still far in the future – I thought I would post a simple recipe that turns even the most pernicious of winter tomatoes into succulent, flavour packed goodness. Better yet – it is dead easy and these little gems will keep for a couple weeks in the fridge if you pack them tightly into a mason jar and top it up with olive oil. I use them in pasta, salad, pizza, sandwiches – …they enliven pretty much every dish. I have not done it yet but I think they would be fabulous in a martini as well!

Mom-O-Meter 5/5

They take about 5 minutes to get into the oven if you choose to chop the tomatoes in half  or even less if you don’t. There are only three ingredients – two of which I always have on hand (olive oil and sea salt). They are no maintenance while they are cooking and then they are done. Plus they last for weeks (unless your husband eats them with every meal like mine does and then they are gone in a matter of days). There is nothing to lose with this recipe so do it today!!

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

1-2 pints washed cherry, grape or other small tomatoes – this recipe also can be done with larger tomatoes but I prefer the little ones.

2 tablespoons olive oil ( or however much it takes to coat the tomatoes)

sea salt – to taste

1. Preheat oven to 280 degrees. Chop tomatoes into halves. Put tomatoes on a rimmed cookie sheet covered with parchment if you have any (I skipped this step and had to wash the pan but it was not so bad). At this point you can add any fresh herbs or flavour boosters you have on hand like rosemary or whole garlic cloves. Tasty but totally unnecessary – they are great without any other seasoning.

2. Put tomatoes in oven for around 3 hours – if you go longer they will get more dried so it really depends how you like them.

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