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Emma Hart – 28 years of age from Merrickville, Ontario. Mom to Oliver Hart-Craig. I am a high school teacher currently on maternity leave until September 2011.

I am a thief. I steal things. When I was a child – it was always candy. My taste for the sweet is not a new thing – and my well meaning mother never allowed the bags of sticky sweet jujubes or chocolate confections that I always craved. She did, however, order dry goods in bulk from the local food co-op twice a year- and their delivery was like Christmas in its magnificence. Waiting on the porch, I would watch her unload the bags of flour, rice and dried fruits into the kitchen, always hoping I would not notice the sweets among all the rest of the smells and textures. I knew what to look for and would always find it. I would dip my sticky little hands into impossibly large bags of dried fruit, juice berries or my favourite, peanut butter chips. The bags would seem endless, and after the initial sorting my mother would attempt to hide them in any number of predictable places. Perched on top of a Tupperware bin balanced on a kitchen chair, I would climb to any height to get into them, and weeks of pleasure would result before my discovery was detected during a fit of Christmas baking. The impossibly large bag would have depleted to a moderate size, and my mother, enraged by my cunning and insatiable appetite for sweet things, would swear off ever buying the treat-in-question again. Luckily, after a month or two of carob chips and other unmentionable things, she would relent by the time the next order was to be placed, and I could repeat my offenses again and again with a different sweet delight.

But this blog is not about the kilos of peanut butter chips I consumed unbeknownst to my mother, or even the jujubes that the cashier at a local garden market detected in the side pocket of my purple Sun Ice jacket at 8 years of age. It is not about the money I used to take from my mother’s purse as a pre-teen, earmarked to purchase juicy sweet apple pies at the orchard beside my riding stable – or the countless spoonfuls of Haagen Dazs I took from my best friend’s freezer as a teenager. I have never been able to resist stealing food – its forbidden status makes it only more desirable and succulent to bite into. But recently, I have come to realize that there is one thing even more satisfying to steal than a butter tart sneaked from the bake-sale tray. The best part – it is not even a crime. Nonetheless, it is not much fun stealing things if you have not got a special place to stash them – so that is why I am starting this blog. It is a journal-cum-pirate chest that I hope to fill with the most golden of my discoveries – so that I don’t forget where I placed them. In essence, I hope to hoard my prizes the one place I will never lose them- the internet.

I am reading a book by Molly Wizenberg, who said that there is nothing she hates more than a secret recipe. I have come to agree with her. All my favourite recipes have not been developed by me – but by others – and I have done nothing but tweak them slightly to fit my personal tastes. So this blog is a toast to all of the absolutely stupendous food blogs I have been reading – a toast to the almost unused shelf of cookbooks that sits in my kitchen that has become as much decorative as functional. I have taken much credit due to the hard work of others. Now I would like to post my favourite recipes so that when people ask me how to make something I can tell them how to find it without using the word “Google” in my response.

Maressa Durocher – 28 years of age also from Merrickville, Ontario. Mom to Penelope. I am currently trying to figure out how I can become a permanent stay at home mom once Employment Insurance runs out in May 2011. With all of my student debt I am not sure how possible that will be.

I am a food addict. I love everything about food. I love being in the kitchen, chopping, grating, mixing, measuring. I love the tastes and smells. I love the social aspect. I am addicted to looking at it online. Food blogs have become a large part of my life. My husband bugs me that I should start a food blog because food is such a love of mine and I spend so much time reading other blogs. So the time has come and that is exactly what this is all about.

As a young girl I always loved to be in the kitchen, as long as I did not have to be doing the dishes!! My mother is an amazing cook and she always cooked and baked from scratch. Her passion sparked a light in both my father and I to become lovers of culinary adventures in the kitchen. She cooked foods from all over the world so I grew up developing a well rounded pallet.  This love for international cuisine was rare in rural Ontario. I can remember having friends over and my parents would have made something like curry for dinner and my friends would look at it and think that my family was crazy!

My family is full of different artists and growing up I felt like the only one who was not artistic. My father is a professional leather worker and designs the most wonderful leather creations. My mother can sew anything; one lilac purple graduation dress that I loved comes to mind. My older brother is an amazing artist, as a teacher he creates the most incredible sets for school plays. My middle brother is great with his hands, he is a plumber. My baby brother is such a great musician; he can really rock the guitar.  Over the years I have come to realize that I am an artist as cooking and baking are my art form.

Becoming a mother has been a dream come true, I cannot imagine anything more rewarding or more challenging. The first smile and laughter really took my breath away and even still after 5 months I cannot help but watch her sleep and feel elated that she is in my life. Now being a new mother has not allowed me to spend as much time in the kitchen as I would love to but with Penelope becoming a little more independent every day I feel that I am slowly regaining some foothold. Some call the exersaucer the circle of neglect but I call it the circle of sanity! It allows me instances of time to get my cookie dough together or prep ingredients for supper.

On this blog I hope to create a treasure trove of my culinary adventures to pass on to my daughter and with any luck, through these experiences, I will be able to pass the passion I have for food on to her.

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    October 25, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    Hello, good site…

  2. Unkle Biggs
    November 18, 2010 at 7:46 pm

    Great recipes, great concept, great excuses for me to do mo feeding!

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